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Your New Chip-Enabled MasterCard Debit Card will be Arriving Soon!


Emerald CU chip-enabled MasterCard debit cards will be hitting your mailboxes soon.  This new chip card will replace your current magnetic strip card and help protect you from potential fraud when making card-present purchases at merchant terminals.  Here are some important reminders and additional information regarding your new plastics:


1. Your MasterCard account number will change slightly.  If you have any pre-authorized, recurring payments set up to be paid with your debit card, please update the account number on file immediately to avoid any interruption in service(s).  Your PIN will also change - You will have the option to change the PIN when you activate your new card.

2. Activate your new chip card immediately upon receipt - You must have/know your PIN in order to activate the card.

3. Sign the back of your new card - Do not write “See ID” as this is not a valid signature, and merchants may not accept the card for payment.

4. Destroy your old magnetic strip card and begin using your new chip card.

5. Your old magnetic strip card will be deactivated 60 days after your new chip card is issued.

Please call us if you have questions or need further assistance.  Thank you!
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